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From: Chris Johns
Subject: Education, Wild West Style Pt. 2 Education, Wild West Style
Part 2
Luke's Education continuesLuke watched as the two troopers were stripped naked to the obvious glee of
the children who danced around watching. They were then staked out on the
ground, all four limbs set in an X, and then left. Luke was also stripped,
he realised, carefully, so that all his clothes could be used by members of
the tribe, not that there were many braves small enough to wear his
clothes, but the older boys did, making him laugh, eventually, as they
pranced around him dressed like cavalrymen. He was tied at the wrists only
and secured to a long pole, his arms stretched above his head. This
position was monumentally embarrassing for this young officer, brought up
in a more genteel environment, but the embarrassment was short lived as he
watched his two men, and realised that if they were left out like that in
the sun they would burn and be in considerable pain, of course he would be
as well but he didn't consider his own comfort.He wasn't used to pleading for anything but now Luke pleaded with Running
Bear who Brenton young came to talk to him."Please Running Bear, ask your father young joc lyrics not to leave my men out in the sun,
they will burn. If you must keep us prisoner let them do something useful
around your village, but they are only boys who were obeying orders, they
don't deserve to be tortured."Loan Arrow was surprised by the compassion of this young officer who young brunet
not much more than a boy himself. What he came up with after much thought
was to make the two troopers do women's work and allow his braves to treat
them like women."Take the white haired one with you, but he is not to be touched until I
have considered his future more, youngest preeteen nudes and the other blue jackets are not to be
tortured, yet."A few of the braves took the tgp junior young three soldiers to the edge of the village
where there was a cleared area of grass and proceeded staying young to use the soldiers
like women, sodomising them for their pleasure. When they were sated they
secured them again while they sat around talking. During this time Luke was
secured in a position where he could watch, and it made him cry to see
these boys being serial raped. After some discussion and a lot of time
looking at Luke, two of the braves came to him and started stroking his
body. Apart from his face and neck Luke was incredibly pale and his almost
translucent skin, fascinated the young Indians. The stroking became more
erotic and they were surprised to see Luke start to get an erection. For a
white man he was well equipped but the young braves all appeared to have
large appendages when erect which surprised Luke.When it got to the point where Luke thought he was going to be raped as
well Running Bear came into the clearing and called a halt to the
action. He looked Luke up and down spending far too long looking at his
groin, Luke youngest hairy
noted."You are a beautiful man Luke, I can understand my friends wanting to have
sex with you."Luke didn't think the action he had seen was much like having sex, it was
pure rape, but he said nothing. Running Bear then proceeded to do what the
braves had been doing, stroking Luke very gently and erotically. He noted
that Running Bear began to fill the pouch of his breechclout, tickling young girls it looked
very long as it came to a fully erect state.After a few minutes he stopped and untied Luke."My father wishes to talk with you," he told Luke, and produced a
breechclout for Luke to wear.Running young 14 teen Bear adjusted it for Luke so that it sat properly, then held him at
arm's length before saying, "I think I will want to make love to you Luke."Of course Luke knew about homosexuality but had no idea that the Indians
practised it. He later found out from Running Bear that true homosexuals
were few and far between but many young men practised man on man sex for
relief before they took a squaw, and particularly when they had
prisoners. It was meant to make the prisoner feel less than a man when he
was treated like a woman. Psychological warfare, not that they used that
term in those days.Loan young baby incest
Arrow surprised Luke when they were sat in his tepee."I know of your officer code Luke. If you give me your word, as an officer,
that you will not try to escape, I will allow you to roam free in the
village. My son will be your guardian and will be punished if you try to
escape, so, do I have it?""Yes Chief, you have it, but what of my men?""Because they are only boys, and because of you, they will live, for the
time being. My men will use them as women and they will do women's work,
but they will not be tortured."Luke wanted to plead for more but realised that this was probably as good
as it would get. He gave his word and was returned to Running Bears care."Please let me talk to my men Running Bear, to let them know what is
happening."Luke sat down with the two young troopers."Because of the things I have been able to say to the chief in his own
language, we are not to be tortured for the time being. I hope that will be
for a long time. I cannot do better than that and we are to be treated like
women. sick young porn I think that means that you will be subjected to more of what you
have received today, plus having to do women's work. I will try to get
Running Bear to limit the pain you have to suffer when being sodomised but
I am sorry I can do no more for now."The two troopers were farm boys and had been cornholed as boys before they
left their farms so being sodomised was not as bad as Luke thought but they
didn't tell him that."Thank you Sir, we'll try not to let you down."That comment surprised Luke and he shook both troopers hands young girls peeing before leaving
with Running Bear for his tepee.Now it was Luke's turn. Running Bear treated him like a woman, making
gentle love to him. This first time Luke was surprised that he was not
sodomised, and even more surprised when Running Bear went down on him,
sucking him to a wonderful orgasm.Lying back on the furs afterwards Running Bear grinned at Luke and said."Now tits young it is your turn."Because his orgasm had been so good and Running Bear had been so gentle,
Luke felt he must reciprocate and tried to emulate him. It was difficult
because Luke could get very little of Running Bear's penis in his mouth it
was so big. What Luke realised as he played with this young brave was how
exciting his body looked now that it was totally naked. There was no fat
and the lovely light brown colour shone with vitality and good health. So
different to Indians he had seen round the forts, who all looked
undernourished and sickly.The resulting orgasm filled Luke's mouth to overflowing and he realised it
didn't taste bad, so like Running Bear had done, he swallowed it all. Then
came the next surprise, Running Bear kissed him on the lips, quite
passionately. This was weird, the Indians weren't into lip kissing like the
European settlers. Running Bear laughed young nubiles naked
at Luke's reaction."I have watched how your men and women greeted each other when I was
younger and we spent time near the white man. My Father wanted me to learn
your ways so that I would be better equipped to fight against you when the
time came."Luke shook his head, this was too much. He loved what they had just done,
but had never felt any desire to do this with his peers at college or in
fact with any of his friends. He tried to rationalise his actions by
convincing himself it was because Running Bear was beautiful to look
at. That didn't work because it was his body that Luke found so
exciting. He wondered if he would be young cute girls sodomised next time, and whether he
would like to feel Running Bear in his other orifice the same as he had
giving him a blowjob. He had plenty of time to wonder because Running Bear
spent the next few days just teaching him how to ride Indian Style, with no
saddle and just moccasins instead of his army boots.Running Bear appeared quite happy to just give young blonde schoolgirls
and receive blowjobs from
Luke, who in his turn became happy doing it. He loved the feel of Running
Bear and kissing became so passionate their sessions left Luke gasping.The friendship between these two young men grew quickly, noted by Loan
Arrow who was not unhappy with the development. He was still wondering how
he could use this young officer.A few days after their return to the village another party of braves
returned and Luke realised that this was a good part of the tribe that
should be going to reservations. It was so unfair, these people were so
much a close community and content to be hunter gatherers. Left to their
own devices they would bother no one and be quite happy to live side by
side with the white man provided their lands were not trespassed on. This
party had obviously been hunting because they were laden with game and Luke
was fascinated watching them cure the meat so that they had stocks of it to
last a long period.Luke was quickly accepted by the new additions but their curiosity meant
that when he was not with Running Bear he was frequently taken to the
clearing to be played with. The two troopers were frequently there as well
but they were invariably being fucked. A few of the braves started
fingering Luke one day after they had been back about a week. They were not
aggressive but they embarrassed Luke, discussing him and his
insides. Running Bear had still not penetrated him so he was technically a
virgin but youngest illegal fucked after the first session with other young braves he had been
opened up quite well, able to accept all five digits defloration young teen on one hand. He found,
to his surprise, that it was amazingly erotic. He was comfortable on his
back with his legs supported by young uncensored two braves while the third one fingered
him. He thought he was going to be penetrated after the fingers came out
and all three dropped their loincloths displaying quite substantial
penises. To Luke's surprise all they did was jack off, cumming over his
body, before leaving him. He lay and watched the other young braves fucking
his troopers and realised they were enjoying the action as much as the
Indians.What on earth was going on, Luke thought. All three of them were being used
for menial tasks and sex toys for the young braves, but no one was being
tortured. He was sleeping with Running Bear every night and the troopers
were restrained at night but were sleeping in a tepee the same as him.That night Running Bear told Luke why he had been opened up young blonde schoolgirls by the other
braves but younger free fuck
not fucked."My best friends opened you up for me Luke. I didn't want to do that, I
just want to make love to you to show you that I want our friendship sealed
with our coupling."He then made love to Luke, starting in the way he always did with a session
of 69ing, which both young men loved. While this was going on Running Bear
used just one finger with some animal fat on it to lubricate Luke's ass and
his own penis, before he swung round to get between Luke's legs. He lifted
them gently onto his shoulders before shifting forward to place his glans
on Luke's anal entry. Leaning forward to kiss Luke he put enough pressure
on his cock to slip over one very tight sphincter. Luke gasped, accepted
another very passionate kiss from Running Bear as he felt the monster penis
sliding deeper into his toplist young girls insides. The feeling was indescribable, nothing in
Luke's life had ever felt so sensual. The initial pain went quickly but
left the feeling of fullness that so surprised him, and when Running Bear
started a gentle fucking motion, Luke couldn't believe how sensual and
erotic the action was, having his prostate stroked on every entry.Luke realised that this was what he wanted, he could put up with this every
day. Being made so young nudes love to by this virile, exciting young Indian brave was
monumentally exciting.While Running Bear fucked Luke slowly, Luke used his hands to stroke and
play with Running Bear's torso adding to his enjoyment. Both men had
powerful orgasms almost together, brought on by Running Bear speeding up as
his excitement level climbed. Luke wouldn't let him pull out. He wrapped
his legs round Running Bear's younger free fuck
waist and tickling young girls forced him to roll to the side so
that they faced each other comfortably lying on the animal skins."Don't pull out Lover, I want to feel you inside me forever."Running Bear was so pleased he had satisfied this small white man who he
had feelings for that he had never had before for anyone. He knew that
whatever happened he would defend this man, this lover, against anyone in
the tribe who tried to hurt him.The next day, Loan Arrow saw the difference in his son and the young
cavalry officer which confirmed his suspicions. He knew then that he had to
do something positive about the situation. young casting teens He summoned Luke for a pow-wow."If I return you to your own people Luke, what could you, or would you be
prepared to do for my people?"Luke was surprised at that question and had to think quickly."I haven't really considered it Chief. To be honest, I didn't expect you
ever to release me. I am just very happy that you have not tortured or
killed my men and me. If you will allow me a little time to get my ideas in
order I will tell you. You know that I have already displeased my father
trying to stop your people being sent to reservations. With my new
experiences I may be able to take stronger action. Please let me think
about this."Loan Arrow nodded and told Luke to take as long as he needed.For the first time since his arrival in the village, Luke went riding by
himself, without thinking. When he was well away from the village deep in
thought he almost ran into another party of braves returning, he hid before
they saw him and then watched them ride past. They looked as though they
had been in trouble, some were wounded and there were a couple of loose
horses indicating that their riders had been killed. Luke remounted and
followed at a distance, but the party ahead sensed him and he was suddenly
surrounded by angry braves. He was just able to tell them he was Loan
Arrow's guest before an arrow was loosed at him. They all looked at him in
wonder. This loan blond haired white man clad in a breechclout, riding an
Indian pony with no saddle, also he was darker skinned all over than any
white man they had seen. His grasp of their language was the biggest
surprise, so while they considered, they told Luke to lead the way back to
the village.Running Bear ran to meet them."Luke, I was worried about you. You should not ride alone, you are too
vulnerable."He took Luke into a hug as soon as he dismounted, much to the surprise of
the returning braves."Luke, and his two troopers are guests of my father, they are not to be
harmed, but you may play with the troopers."Running Bear was laughing as he spoke, but soon stopped when he had taken
in the state of the returning party."Running Bear, we must dress the wounds of the wounded. The first aid kits
in my patrol's saddle bags will find good use here, let's get to it."Luke knew how to use the creams and dressings on gunshot wounds and he and
Running Bear were soon organising care for the wounded while others looked
on in surprise at the tenderness with which this young white man treated
the injured braves. When they were all finished and the wounded were
comfortably settled Luke looked up and saw how many more of the tribe younger free fuck had
gathered to watch him and Running Bear work. He blushed, and that got worse
as many of the young braves came to him to give him a hug and thank him for
looking after their comrades.
Interesting developments for Luke in the next chapter
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